Monday Afternoon Links

by Patrick on November 16, 2009

You didn’t think a Monday could pass without some good stuff happening on the internet, did you?  Today, we have an eclectic mix of the good, the bad and the incredibly strange from around the web.  Dig in:

  • Paste Magazine is running a whole bunch of best-of lists for the past decade, including Best Memes, Best Comedians (No Louis CK?  Inconceivable), and Best American Breweries.  Here is their list of the 20 best books.  What do you think?  No Michael Pollan?  Sacrilege.  Still, while I don’t personally agree with some (many) of the choices, I give them credit for trying to distill all of the books — fiction and non-fiction alike — into one twenty book list.  What this selection of lists proves is that the fastest way to piss someone off on the internet is to make a list.  (via Kottke)