Monday Staff Recommendations – YA Edition

by Jessica on February 16, 2015

The Young Adult genre has really picked up speed over the past few years.
There’s some really great things happening and the genre just keeps growing.
To navigate the waters here are some of the Vroman’s staff top picks!
As always, follow the link on the persons name to check out all of their favorites!

Go Ask Alice
by Anonymous

I read this book in 1984 or 1985 and still the details of certain scenes are frozen in my mind. As I followed the narrator’s experiences with drugs I became thoroughly stunned and frightened. For me this tale was more than effective during the heyday of “say no to drugs”… it was compulsively readable, and for a middle school student, just knowing enough and scary enough to feel like a great secret.
Recommended by Jeeyeon

We Were Liars
By E. Lockhart

I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you really anything about this book. It’s better that way. It’s rich and complicated and sparse and perfect. It’s suspenseful— disclaimer: You WILL be up all night— and desperately beautiful and staggering. Just read it, okay?
Recommended by Danielle

The Selection
By Kiera Cass

In a world where people are separated into casts based on their worth, America Singer resides in the 5th. The casts are ruled by a King and Queen who when their son is of age for a wife, begin The Selection. 35 girls are selected from the different casts to compete for the Prince’s love. America is one of those girls. However, it is not the life she envisioned, not the life she wants. With a broken heart she befriends the Prince, and strikes a deal with him he cannot refuse-if he lets her stay in the competition, she will help him find the perfect princess and wife. I absolutely adored this book!
Recommended by Jen

Code Name Verity 
By Elizabeth Wein

It’s 1943 and two British girls crash land in Nazi occupied France. One of them is a spy captured by the Gestapo. One is a pilot never trained to be on the war front. In their own way, each has to complete a mission important to turning the war against Germans. It is a matter of life and death. Powerful, cunning, fingernail-biting good, Code Name Verity is one of the best wartime novels in recent memory. The best part if that the protagonists, both women, are not left on the home front to “come of age”. These women are in the mix of battle from the get go, doing their part and more to help the war effort. The story of their friendship, the high price that the war demands of them and the grace and panache with which they handle it will leave you marveling at the storytelling ability of author Wein. Fantastic read!
Recommended by Karrie

My Life Next Door
By Huntley Fitzpatrick
This was a beautiful story that made me laugh, cry, and smile. Samantha knows a lot of things about being the daughter of a politician. What she doesn’t know is how to live a life without plans—a life where she can do what she wants, as she pleases. After years of watching the large, chaotic, free-spirited Garrett Family next door, Sam is shocked when Jace Garrett climbs up her balcony and gives her the opportunity to experience a normal life. This story is similar to Romeo and Juliet in their forbidden romance and with Sam having to determine where her loyalties lie.
Recommended by Jen

Have a great reading week! See you next Monday with more recommends!
— Jess