More Great Stuff from the Internet

by Patrick on April 16, 2009

Here’s what I’m interested on the Internet today.  Everything else is boring:

  • Attention Kindle owners:  Your books belong to Amazon, not you. In the comments to that post, Ank sums it up quite nicely: “You do not own your Kindle books, neither do have any automatic right to access them. Imagine Amazon in the future charging for use of its network. It’ll happen, you can be sure. So, Imagine this, there’s a beautiful library full of great books and writings, well-kept and nicely indexed, tailored just for you. Only it’s not yours. You have to pay someone at the door to enter the reading room, and the books are brought to you but you cannot take them away with you. They are not your property and you cannot pass them on to your children. Is this the answer to digital reading?”
  • I don’t know who this girl is (Is she famous?) or who took this photograph, but I’m loving this whole look.  Trench coat?  Glasses?  Yes and yes.  (Via You Might Find Yourself, one of the best Tumblr blogs I follow.  Lots of people are talking about how Tumblr is about to take off.  Have you tried it yet?  I like to mess around on there from time to time, but I haven’t quite found the secret to it.  What do people think?)