Musical Awesome x2: It’s an Awesome Thing.

by Ruby on August 5, 2010

I post the It’s an Awesome Thing series whenever I run across something particularly awesome in the store. It may include books, gift items, stationery items, etc., but they will all tend towards the quirky, cool, and just plain strange. It could happen daily, monthly, or never again, but then again, we have so many incredible things I’m sure that finding stuff to feature won’t be the problem.

Today you’re in for a treat: not one, but TWO Awesome Things. I’ve been meaning to write about the first one (the coolest spatula I’ve ever seen) for quite some time, but on my way to check it out and take some photos, I ran across Thing #2 (something to do with your old cassette tapes now that cassette players don’t exist anymore). Oh yeah. Double the awesome.

So first and foremost, the Flipper Guitar Spatula from Gama-go. It’s a spatula shaped like a guitar and patterned with engraved frets and hardware; a must for any music enthusiast. This black, “50% Rock, 50% roll, 100% silicon spatula” is perfect for all of your hard rock culinary needs (?!). Also, if you’re bored waiting for your burger/pancake/omelet to cook, you can rock out instead of doing something useful, like the dishes. Hard core. Rocking out while spatula is covered in batter not recommended.

Number 2 is also music themed: a coin purse made out of a recycled cassette tape. While I am tempted to make this into a DIY craft project, you can come in and look for your favorite artist, song, etc. and save yourself the hassle of hot glue and zippers. Each one is unique and retro (unless we’re not calling the 80’s retro yet?), and, in a word, awesome.

I want them both, but that problem is easy for me to solve. If you want the spatula or the coin purse, you can either come in to the store (both are located on The Edge), or e-mail and ask for the Black Guitar Spatula or the Recycled Cassette Tape Coin Purse, respectively. The spatula costs $10.50 + tax, and the tape purse is only $8.50 + tax, just about what the tape originally cost if sold in the early 90’s. Yes.