My Year in Books: 2009

by Patrick on December 17, 2009

What an incredibly strange year.  People in the national media said “tea bagger” on a near daily basis.  Glenn Beck rose to national prominence.  Tiger Woods was exposed as a philandering slut (possibly redundant?).  The New Orleans Saints are threatening to run the table in the NFL, and Michael Jackson died, causing mass hysteria online.  I suppose every year has its stories, its little moments, but for whatever reason, 2009 feels like the strangest year in a good long while.

As I’ve noted before, it was a great year for literature, one of the best in recent memory, in fact.  I read a lot of incredible books this year, but looking back on it, and more than a few were published in 2009 (I’ve already got a head start on 2010, though, with three forthcoming books down already).  Since I already covered a few of the books I loved that weren’t published this year in my Millions post, I think I’ll focus on good old 2009 here.  Over the next few days, whenever I get a chance, I’m going to write a quick post about one of the books I enjoyed this year.  This isn’t meant to be a “best of 2009” list, as I haven’t read nearly enough to say what those books might be.  This is merely a guided tour of some books that I enjoyed this year.  Some of them, I have no doubt, are among the best books published this year.  Anyway, enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave comments of what you enjoyed reading this year, what you hated, and what you think of the books I loved.