New Display: Tattoos!

by Ruby on August 5, 2011

When I started at Vroman’s five years (or so) ago, visible tattoos were against dress code. Today, we take a much more liberal view of body art. To celebrate this, and help understand why we’ve changed our minds, Amber put together a display of awesome books related to tattoos. I’ll let her explain:

Dharma Punx“In the past people have often had a common misconception of what tattoos signify, relating them to negative ideas and connotations. In this day and age tattoos are becoming a well accepted part of society; mothers, doctors and even your local bookstore employees have them. At the forefront of this charge to help others understand the significant meaning behind this form of body art is your very own Vroman’s. We have chosen the month of August to display some of our favorite books and magazines relating to the subject; ranging from books on tattoos themselves to Japanese art books (perfect for tattoo references) to books of models sporting their ink and even some popular novels. Not just that but there’s some on clearance that I managed to find in our great bargain book section including Bangkok Tattoo, 666 Photography, Tattooed by the Family Business and Style Deficit Disorder [bargain prices are available in store only]. Also on display are autographed copies of Noah Levine’s Dharma Punx! This display is worth a look-see and because there’s such a wide variety, I’m sure that you’ll stumble upon something you will have to own for your collection! Located on the Colorado main entrance in front of the Café.” -Amber

Click on the images to see the display up close!


All this talk of tattoos got me interested in what sort of tattoos our employees sported. Several of them were kind enough to let me take pictures to share with you all, lovely blog readers. Take a look at the pictures in this album (and thanks again to all the employees who helped me out)!