by Ruby on April 8, 2010

I promised poetry, and it is coming! But first, quick news. The Indies Choice Book Award Winners were announced today. Take a look at these amazing titles here. Indies Choice books are selected by Booksellers at independents all across the country, and they always make excellent selections. If you’re looking for something new to read, that’s a great place to start.

And now, a poem selected by Vroman’s employee, Clark. This adorable nonsense poem is now out of print, but is in a style still popular today (check out My First Oxford Book of Nonsense Poems and poetry by Shel Silverstein). The author, N. M. Bodecker, was also an illustrator – you might remember Half Magic, which he drew the pictures for. Here’s what Clark had to say about why he picked it: “My mother read me the poem as a child and it has really stuck with me over the years.” So without further ado, please enjoy Let’s Marry said the Cherry by N. M. Bodecker.

“Let’s marry,”
said the cherry.

“Why me?”
said the pea.

“‘Cause you’re sweet,”
said the beet.

“Say you will,”
said the dill.

“Think it over,”
said the clover.

“Don’t rush,”
said the squash.

“Here’s your dress,”
said the cress.

“White and green,”
said the bean.

“And your cape,”
said the grape.

“Trimmed with fur,”
said the burr.

“Won’t that tickle?”
said the pickle.

“Who knows?”
said the rose.

“Where’s the chapel?”
said the apple.

“In Greenwich,”
said the spinach.

“We’ll be there!”
said the pear.

“Wearing what?”
said the nut.

“Pants and coats,”
said the oats.

“Shoes and socks,”
said the phlox.

“Shirt and tie,”
said the rye.

“We’ll look jolly,”
said the holly.

“You’ll look silly,”
said the lily.

“You’re crazy,”
said the daisy.

“Come, let’s dine,”
said the vine.

“Yeah-let’s eat!”
said the wheat.

“And get stout,”
said the sprout.

“Just wait,”
said the date.

“Who will chime?”
said the lime.

“I’ll chime!”
said the thyme.

“Who will preach?”
said the peach.

“It’s my turn!”
said the fern.

“You would ramble,”
said the bramble.

“Here they come!”
cried the plum.

“Start the tune!”
cried the prune.

cried the heather.

“Here we go!”
said the sloe.

“NOW- let’s marry!”
said the cherry.

“Why me?”
said the pea.

“Oh, my gosh!”
said the squash.

“Start all over,”
said the clover.

said the hay.