November Events!

by Jessica on October 27, 2014

November is lookin’ good! Let’s give thanks that we have some great events and a fully stacked month coming up! See everyone in the event space.

Saturday, November 1, 10:30am
David Derrick presents and signs
Play With Your Food

We all know the rule. Don’t play with your food, eat it! Well, in this beautifully illustrated picture book, things are a little bit different. When a small dinosaur finds himself on the menu of a larger dinosaur, he advises the prehistoric creature to play with his meal instead of eating it. David Derrick’s third book is surely one that families will love to read over and over again!

Sunday, November 2, 4pm
Bob Odenkirk discusses and signs A Load of Hooey (Odenkirk Memorial Library )

Emmy winner and Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk has already proven himself a master of comedy writing through his stints on Saturday Night Live and Mr. Show. But now he’s given us a new book full of his musings. From absurdist monologues (“Martin Luther King, Jr’s Worst Speech Ever”) to intentionally bad theater (“Hitler Dinner Party: A Play”), these pages will surely hold something for everyone.

Tuesday, November 4, 7pm
Vroman’s & All Saints Church present Eben Alexander discussing and signing
The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife
at All Saints Church, 132 N Euclid Ave, Pasadena

When Proof of Heaven was published, some readers contacted Dr. Eben Alexander to argue that his near death experience was impossible. But many more have written to say his story resonated with them in profound ways. Through these writings, Dr. Alexander has come to realize that sharing his story has allowed people to believe that there is more to life than what we know. In The Map of Heaven, Dr. Alexander met and heard from thousands of individuals whom his story has affected. He also studied what the world’s religious traditions have had to say about the soul’s survival of death, and he has been deeply surprised at how often those voices from the past synch up with what he has heard from people today. Part metaphysical detective story, part manual for living, The Map of Heaven explores humankind’s spiritual history and the birth of modern science in the seventeenth century, showing how we forgot, and are now remembering, who we really are and what our true destiny is.

Tuesday, November 4, 7pm
Vroman’s History Talk

Vroman’s Chair Joel Sheldon and CEO/President Allison Hill will present an entertaining talk on Vroman’s Bookstore’s history from 1894 to the present.

Wednesday, November 5, 7pm
Tracy and Dana Pollan present and sign The Pollan Family Table: The Best Recipes and Kitchen Wisdom for Delicious, Healthy Family Meals

For generations, the Pollans have used fresh, local ingredients to cook healthy, irresistible meals. This attractive and practical cookbook gives readers the tools they need to implement the Pollan food philosophy in their everyday lives and to make great, nourishing, delectable meals. Standouts like Crispy Parmesan Zucchini Chips and Key Lime Pie with Walnut Oatmeal Crust are easy to make yet sophisticated enough to impress family and friends. The Pollan Family Table also includes the Pollans’ top cooking tips and techniques, time-tested shortcuts, advice for kitchen beginners, and market and pantry lists that make shopping for and preparing dinner stress-free. This cookbook is a must-have for any aspiring chef or home cook.

Thursday, November 6, 7pm
Dorie Greenspan discusses and signs Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere

Dorie Greenspan changed the way we view French cooking with her bestselling book Around My French Table. Now she’s back with even more insight into that world with Baking Chez Moi, full of delicious confections you can make at home. One example from this beautifully photographed book is the surprisingly easy chocolate loaf cake speckled with cubes of dark chocolate that have been melted, salted, and frozen, which she adapted from a French chef’s recipe. Whether it’s classic lemon-glazed madeleines or “Les Whoopie Pies,” Dorie puts her own creative spin on each dish, guiding us with the friendly, reassuring directions that have won her legions of fans.

Friday, November 7, 6:30pm
Anniversary Group Event

Vroman’s is proud to welcome authors Naomi Hirahara, Michelle Huneven, Mark Salzman, Jervey Tervalon, Denise Hamilton, and Luis Rodriguez for this exciting group event during which they each will read from an original short story of their own.

Saturday, November 8, 11am
Author Dedication & Reception

Join Vroman’s Bookstore for our Author Dedication and Reception. Vroman’s will be breaking ground on our Author Walk of Fame with an inaugural dedication to local author Lisa See (Dreams of Joy, Shanghai Girls). She will be putting her handprints & signature in cement to be permanently placed on the walkway between Vroman’s Bookstore and the Laemmle. We have Grauman’s Theater’s very own cement artist Sassan Shakoori coming in to do the honors.

Tuesday, November 11, 7pm
Claudette Sutton discusses and signs Farewell, Aleppo: My Father, My People, and Their Long Journey Home

“The Jews of Aleppo, Syria, had been part of the city’s fabric for more than two thousand years, in good times and bad, through conquerors and kings. But in the middle years of the twentieth century, all that changed. To Selim Sutton, a merchant with centuries of roots in the Syrian soil, the dangers of rising anti-Semitism made clear that his family must find a new home. With several young children and no prospect of securing visas to the United States, he devised a savvy plan for getting his family out: ‘exporting’ his sons. In December 1940, he told the two oldest, Meïr and Saleh, that arrangements had been made for their transit to Shanghai, where they would work in an uncle’s export business. China, he hoped, would provide a short-term safe harbor and a steppingstone to America. But the world intervened for the young men, now renamed Mike and Sal by their Uncle Joe. Sal became ill with tuberculosis soon after arriving and was sent back to Aleppo alone. And the war that soon would engulf every inhabited land loomed closer each day. Joe, Syrian-born but a naturalized American citizen, barely escaped on the last ship to sail for the U.S. before Pearl Harbor was bombed and the Japanese seized Shanghai. Mike was alone, a teen-ager in an occupied city, across the world from his family, with only his mettle to rely on as he strived to survive personally and economically in the face of increasing deprivation. Farewell, Aleppo is the story—told by Mike’s daughter—of the journey that would ultimately take him from the insular Jewish community of Aleppo to the solitary task of building a new life in America. It is both her father’s tale that journalist Claudette Sutton describes and also the harrowing experiences of the family members he left behind in Syria, forced to smuggle themselves out of the country after it closed its borders to Jewish emigration.” (Terra Nova Books)

Wednesday, November 12, 7pm
Rob Manning discusses and signs Mars Rover Curiosity: An Inside Account from Curiosity’s Chief Engineer

In Mars Rover Curiosity: An Inside Account from Curiosity’s Chief Engineer, Rob Manning, the project’s chief engineer, tells of bringing the groundbreaking spacecraft to life. Manning and his team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab were tasked with designing a lander much more complex than any before. They faced technical setbacks, had fights over inadequate resources, and Manning had the challenge of leading a group of brilliant but often frustrated experts. Manning’s incredible personal account is packed with tales of revolutionary feats of science, technology, and engineering. Readers are able to experience firsthand the disappointment of encountering very persistent technical issues, and the painful experiences of near defeat followed by the sense of victory at finding innovative solutions to these problems. All of this leads up to the thrill of triumph at Curiosity’s successful touchdown on Mars on August 5, 2012.

Thursday, November 13, 7pm
Jackie Parker discusses and signs Our Lady of Infidelity

It begins when a vision appears in a carwash window in the tiny, dusty desert town of Infidelity, California. Seven-year-old Luz Reyes, whose family was killed by death squads in her native land and whose mother is gravely ill, is the first to see it. Then, more and more townspeople witness this mysterious event, each of whom are battling their own personal demons. Perhaps the strangest thing about this vision is that no two people ever see the same thing. Though the priest, Father Bill, tries to prevent the vision from taking hold, even he seems to fall under its power. At first, it brings wonderful things: healings, peace, and a kind of happiness that the people of Infidelity have never known. But when Luz’s extraordinary powers begin to reveal themselves, the town begins to turn against her and those who have surrounded her. In the chaos that follows, people struggle to hold onto the beauty that came into their lives through Luz and the vision in the window. Were they rallying around something special or sinister?

Sunday, November 16, 3pm
Local Author Day! Vroman’s Bookstore introduces Adrienne Ramsey-Harris, Gay Degani, & Michele Wolfe
Adrienne Ramsey-Harris discusses and signs Heritage: The Flame of Freedom

Describes the trials and triumphs of a Polish Jewish family living in Warsaw under repressive Russian rule. Threatened by pogroms, enforced conscriptions, restrictive educational policies and job discrimination, they manage to survive and even to flourish. Loyalty, enduring friendship and deep faith in God make this possible in this well researched, involving, deeply satisfying novel.

Gay Degani discusses and signs What Came Before
When Abbie Palmer’s mother committed suicide, her father withdrew, forbidding all questions. With her children grown, Abbie wants to find herself, but when an African-American woman claiming to be her half-sister is murdered, she must search instead for What Came Before.

Michele Wolfe discusses and signs The Three Graces
College juniors Jessie, Isabel and Sara are linked in an unlikely friendship by visits to hidden places only they can see. Together on a trip to Hearst Castle in California an earth-shaking encounter with a stunning statue in the gardens binds them to the spirits of the Three Graces: Brilliance, Joy and Bloom. The Three Graces is a deep and beautiful story of discovery, of admitting to truths that have been buried, and of letting go of a past that hinders the present.

Monday, November 17, 7pm
Angela Cartwright & Tom McLaren present and sign Styling the Stars: Lost Treasures from the Twentieth Century Fox Archive

To this day, classic Hollywood films continue to inspire today’s fashions. However, the carefully crafted appearances of these timeless stars came to be as a result of meticulous hairstyling, makeup and costuming. In Hollywood’s world of glitz, continuity photographs made sure that these wardrobe elements stayed consistent throughout filming. Now, decades later, these photographs provide a fascinating record of the evolution of Hollywood fashion from the 1930s to the early 1970s. Styling the Stars is a collection of rare photographs that offer a peek into what goes into prepping Hollywood’s most iconic personalities. Readers can expect to find images of Marilyn Monroe as she’s fitted for an evening gown and Cary Grant as he gets ready for a swim. This collector’s volume of film and fashion photography is not to be missed.

Wednesday, November 19, 7pm
Chip Jacobs & William J. Kelly discuss and sign The People’s Republic of Chemicals

In this follow up to the acclaimed, Smogtown, Chip Jacobs and William J. Kelly delve into China’s ecological state and the effects of smog in China’s most populated cities. In 2013, Kelly traveled to China to examine the situation first hand. From that visit, Kelly is able to provide an on-the-ground report of what the quality of life is really like in China, from its unbreathable air to its polluted water. Kelly and Jacobs tackle China’s love affair with coal, the horror of cancer villages, and the deception of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. They are able to once again paint a vivid portrayal of one of the haziest regions in the world.

Friday, November 21, 7pm
T. Jefferson Parker discusses and signs Full Measure

Patrick Norris has seen the worst of Afghanistan, from the excruciating heat to the bitter cold to comrades being blown to pieces by snipers. He is excited to return home and work on his dream of opening a sport fishing business. However, he is shocked to learn that the avocado ranch his family has owned for generations has been destroyed by an enormous wildfire. His brother Ted thinks the best of Patrick and wants his approval. Though Ted is gentle by nature, he has been drawn into a circle of violent and criminal misfits. When disaster strikes again. Ted’s plan for redemption goes terribly wrong and he tries to disappear. Patrick is desperate to find his brother and salvage the remains of his family.

Saturday, November 22, 10am
Storytime with Mr. Steve &
Craft Time with Jen!

Mr. Steve’s storytime will include readings of some of Cece Bell’s books for younger children. Then, Jen will lead the kids in making crafts inspired by El Deafo, including bunny ears and warm fuzzies. Ages 2-5. Parents and older/younger siblings welcome.

Saturday, November 29, All Day
Indies First! Joins us for all sorts of fun things to celebrate Small Business Saturday. More Details are on the way!