Welcome to the Pen and Stationery Department: Part One

by Cara on October 13, 2013

Hello, world! Last year, Vroman’s moved its stationery store into the main building at 695 Colorado Boulevard, bringing Vroman’s Pen and Stationery Department into the world! Long-time shoppers know that, ten years ago, the department was at the main store, but has since moved to several different locations. Now we’re back with the books, so stop by and visit us!

For part one of our welcome, here are some of the beautiful writing instruments and supplies you can expect to find in our corner of the store. Coming soon in part two: Stationery and invitations!

Our Pens

Believe it or not, the industry of fine writing instruments is alive and well today. Vroman’s continues the tradition of fine writing today with over 20 different brands of pens. It’s not all sterling silver and high price tags – we do our best to carry pens for every preference, every style and every budget.

For example:

The Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen: $2.95!

When you walk by our counter, you’ll see a basket of these little guys in a rainbow of colors. These disposable fountain pens write SO smoothly – infinitely nicer (and fancier) than just a Bic ballpoint!

Another favorite of ours is the Visconti Rembrandt line:

Photos seriously do not do these pens justice. Each pen has a unique marble effect in its coloring, a trademark of Italian manufacturers (like Visconti). They make beautiful gifts and range from $159.95 – $170.95.

Then, of course, there are always the Mont Blanc pens!

Mont Blanc pens are the fanciest of fine writing instruments. We like to call them the Rolls-Royce of pens. This particular model is called the Starwalker, named for the little glass orb sitting on the pen cap. When you turn the pen, you see a little white star (Mont Blanc’s logo) floating there:

So cool! This pen is $712.95, definitely on our higher end. Come check it out and tell us whether you think this gorgeous pen from one of Germany’s oldest manufacturers is worth the price.

Our Inks

For fountain pen fanatics (or even just casual users), we carry over 100 different shades of bottled ink. One of the exciting things about fountain pens is that you can fill them with any ink color you can think of. In the store, we have an Ink Book with written samples for every color we carry on a variety of paper types so that you can see what each ink will look like before buying.

Our Paper
Like most bookstores, we have a section for notebooks and journals of every kind. When you come back to the Pen and Stationery department, however, you’ll find a separate selection of journals with high quality paper that are perfect for your nice pens. We carry classics like Rhodia, as well as newer brands like the Leuchtturm journals. One of our current favorites is the Apica exercise book, which has super smooth, fountain pen friendly paper and a soft cover.