Make 2018 Your Best-Read Year With These Reading Resolutions!

by Jessica on January 5, 2018

Read a debut author
It can be so easy to stick to our favorites, especially when life gets busy and reading time is at a premium, but it never stops being important to discover new voices. They have the greatest ability to take us by surprise and see things in a new way. Plus, you have to remember that at one point your favorite author was new to you. Every year new writers arrive on the scene with their own unique voice. Who knows? Maybe your favorite author will be first published in 2018!

Finally pick up that book you’ve been eye-balling in the bookstore
You know the one I’m talking about. The cover catches your eye constantly. You pick it up and re-read the back every time you see it. Lately it seems like you see it everywhere. It sounds like the universe is telling you to read that book. I know from personal experience that it’s worth it to read a book you can’t seem to get out of your head. For months I kept finding myself drawn to All the Light We Cannot See. I kept looking at and wanting to read it and finally picked it up last year and, well, anyone who’s read that book will know that the universe was right. I needed to read that book. There’s probably a reason you keep being drawn to a certain book, so trust your instincts and finally read it!

Pick up a classic
You know that book everyone seems to know about that you never read? Maybe you were supposed to read it in high school. Maybe it was never assigned so you didn’t bother. Maybe you only saw the movie. Maybe you just haven’t been ready to read it up until now. Classic books remain relevant for a reason. They combine great storytelling with masterful writing. They illuminate the past and make us think about the present. Ask most bookworms what their favorite book is and many will name a classic title. So what shall it be in 2018? Pride and Prejudice? The Great Gatsby? Mrs. Dalloway?
Bonus points: that’s one more book you can talk about to impress people with your literary knowledge!

Try out a new “reading spot”
We all have places we feel most cozy when we’re reading. Some of us like being curled up at home while others feel most comfortable in a coffee shop. They say that a change of scenery does wonders for our creativity and imagination, so why not try out a new place to read? If nothing else, a break from your routine will pull you out of that post-holiday funk and help you reset for the new year.

Start or join a book club
Did I just hear you inwardly groan? I know, book clubs don’t always work and fall apart too easily, but here’s the thing: a book club is supposed to be fun which means it can be whatever you want it to be. Don’t think you can stick to a bi-weekly meeting schedule? That’s fine! Don’t want to be told which books to read? No problem! Find a group of people with a shared love of reading and talk books! That’s all you have to do. Make recommendations, share thoughts or reactions, or just talk about how much you communally despise a certain character. Ultimately, a book club is supposed to enrich your reading experience, so tailor it to fit your needs and get reading.

Browse the bookstore
Finally a resolution you’ll be happy to stick to! I know for many of you, browsing a bookstore is a favorite pastime, but how often do you take a different path through the aisles? I always used to walk in, check out the bestsellers, and then go straight to the fiction section. But there are so many more books to explore! I challenge you to browse, really browse without any idea in mind of what you want to buy, and see what catches your attention. Check out the history section, or biography, or poetry, or any other of the many sections a bookstore has to offer. You might just open up a whole new world for yourself.

— Rebecca