Ready for a Space-y Summer

by Cara on August 2, 2015

Article by Rebecca Moreton

I don’t know about you, but I had been on the edge of my seat awaiting July this year. The spacecraft New Horizons flew by Pluto on July 14th, 2015, after a nine year journey into outer space, giving us some of our first glimpses at the far-off planet, located in the Kuiper Belt. NASA has already sent back some views of Pluto and Charon, its largest moon. This image is from April 2015.

If far-off ventures to Pluto don’t interest you as much as something you can see from your backyard (or at least a nearby mountain), the Perseids shower will be visible on August 12th & 13th, and is not to be missed! Traditionally the Perseids are one of the brighter meteor showers, often leaving trails of light behind, giving a “falling star” sort of look.  Here are a few things you can find at Vroman’s to go along with your star-searching lifestyle:






The classic Space Pen by Fisher is a standby in the pen world. The cartridge of this pen was designed in the 50’s by Paul Fisher, and uses nitrogen to pressurize the flow of ink, so that the pen does not depend upon gravity to function. The pen can write over grease, underwater, upside down, in extreme cold and heat because of this innovation. This pen has been used by NASA astronauts in space ever since the Apollo 7 mission in 1968. The style shown is the classic bullet design in Rainbow Titanium, but we do have a full spectrum of colors in the store!

The Universe Within by Neil Shubin is an intellectual journey that takes the reader through the ways human beings have evolved from star stuff, the ways we depend upon the movement of the planets, and our evolving perception of space, from the observations of Copernicus to Carl Sagan. Shubin seamlessly connects human beings to the stars in a style that is easy to read & digest.

The Lenticular Notepad by Mudpuppy is the perfect on-the-go, line-free notepad for when you need to jot down or sketch out your ideas. Each page features a diagram of an asterism or constellation for inspiration. Don’t forget to bring it with you to the next meteor shower!

For a go-anywhere kind of pen, we have the Seven-Year Pen with a diagram of the Big Dipper asterism on the clip. The cartridge of this pen will last for 7 years at a writing rate of 5 1/2 feet per day. This ballpoint pen works perfectly as a go-to pen to keep with you.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan takes an even wider scope than Shubin’s work, going more into depth on the comparisons to be made between Earth and the rest of the planets in our solar system. If you enjoyed the TV program of the same name by Sagan, or the updated miniseries by Neil Degrasse Tyson, this book serves as a reference and a guide to the same concepts touched upon in those series.

The Christian Lacroix Cosmos Journal is the perfect place to write down your celestial reflections as you wander the grounds of the Griffith Observatory.  It features an eclectic design featuring nebulae, jewelry, and molecular diagrams, as well as a built-in bookmark so that you can mark your progress.

Expanding Universe is a coffee table book featuring photography from the Hubble Telescope, the free-floating space telescope that launched in 1990. The telescope has changed the way we think about outer space, and this book features full-color, full-page photographs of nebulae and stars, along with miscellaneous space views.