Thursday Afternoon Was Meant for Links

by Patrick on January 7, 2010

Pasadena is bananas this afternoon.  Alabama and Texas fans everywhere!  I felt like I was Switzerland on the train this morning, until I looked down and realized I’d accidentally worn Alabama colors.  Whoops!  Seriously, folks, I’m neutral.  On to the links:

  • Is Goodreads building a better literary award?  Their Goodreads Choice Awards takes the most popular books on the site from 2009 and whittles them down to a top ten in various categories, then allows users to vote for their favorites among the ten.  The winners of the major awards are Catching Fire (“All-Time Favorite”), The Help (“Fiction”) and Columbine (“Non-Fiction”).  A lot of YA titles appear on the list, but nothing that looks manufactured (like the Book of Mormon or Dianetics, presumably since no such book was published in 2009).  The results seem like a win for aggregated awards, as the major winners are pretty well-regarded.
  • I know we’re all tired of debating the merits of Twitter (I know I am), but do check out David Carr’s thoughts on why Twitter will endure.
  • HTML Giant offers some reasons why writers shouldn’t date each other:  “2. You will not as easily be able to get out of things because you need to write. (And you should be able to. You should be able say “I can’t go to the movie tonight like I said I would, because I got this idea and I have to write it down, otherwise I’ll lose momentum.” It’s a legitimate excuse.Paradoxically, non-writers are much more understanding about these things than writers.)”  This is total crap, in my opinion.  Regular people seldom understand that writers have to, you know, write  Plus, flaking on prior social engagements because “the muse struck” is total amateur hour.  I say this as the spouse of a novelist.
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