Snow at Vroman’s!

by Ruby on December 10, 2011

Snow Day was a smashing success! Excited kids (and even excited parents) abounded, and the five tons of snow got seriously played with. At about 1:30, Frosty the Snowman made his first appearance to entertain the gathering crowd – all of whom were more than eager to run out on to the snowy patch as soon as the clock struck 2. And when the clock did strike 2… well, I’m a little bit sad it doesn’t snow in Southern California more often. Everyone was so excited!

Snow DayFrosty kept right on playing, gamely letting kids pelt him with snowballs and even ‘eating’ some of the snow on occasion, to keep cool. Snowmen only eat snow, obviously. Plenty of people took the opportunity to snap a great family picture with everyone’s favorite snowman.

And then there was the snowman contest! Everyone’s entries were amazing, which made the judging really, really hard. Finally, though, we settled on this adorable little guy, submitted by Taylor and Katelyn:

SnowmanIt was the face that got us, in the end. Something about it was just too cute to pass up. (We’ll put up more pictures of snow day, and of the rest of our snowman contest entries, later this week).

So the girls enjoyed their basket of prizes, and everyone else got candy canes, stickers, and more time to play in the snow! It was a really fun event, and given the great feedback from kids and parents alike, I bet we’ll try to do it again next year. So keep an eye on our event calendar near the holidays!

And if you would like to join us for any of our other great holiday events THIS year, check out my post from earlier this week.