So Many Updates!

by Ruby on April 6, 2010

Being away from the blog for a few days puts me WAY behind, apparently. I’ll get you all caught up today, then tomorrow, we’ll have some more poetry!

  • For those of you keeping an eye on #1b1t, first round winners are here. @crowdsourcing and a handful of judges will be adding four more books to the six selected so far, then final voting will open on April 12. All the picks look solid to me, and I am especially excited that I haven’t read all of them. I hope the judges’ picks are good, too!
  • For teachers, parents, and librarians, author Mitali Perkins of Mitali’s Fire Escape has a great list up of YA novels about bullying. She also picked Vroman’s as the bookstore to link all the books to… because she loves us. We love her too. You can also special order any of her books from us.
  • A California author won the Reader Views Garcia Prize for the Best Fiction Book of the Year. Homa Pourasgari took the prize for The Dawn of Saudi, a mystery that addresses questions of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.
  • Poetry Everywhere brings Garrison Keillor’s popular PBS program to the internet! Get your poetry fix in video format, with poems read by the poets and by other book-world celebrities. If you like any of it, make a note of the poet’s name and let any of our booksellers know – they’ll find you some more.

Stay tuned for more poetry, and maybe some tidbits from Christopher Moore, who will be signing his new book Bite Me at the Vroman’s Main Store on Friday.