Some Poetry, Perhaps

by Patrick on April 3, 2009

It’s National Poetry Month again, and as such, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any extra great poetry posts out there.  Email me if you think you’ve found one.  Here’s my random poetry-related thought of the day:  Could Twitter reinvigorate poetry and help bring it back into the mainstream?  We’ve seen people writing “Twitter stories” and McNally Jackson Bookstore is Tweeting lines from its favorite poems.  Just a thought.

For more excellent poetry coverage, click over to The Millions (now with snazzy new URL!) to read Edan’s introductory post in their “Poetry Month” series:

“I like poets. At Iowa, they wore the best jewelry, they hosted read-aloud Shakespeare parties (alas, I never attended); some of them went shooting (I mean with real guns); many drank too much, fell in and out of love easily, danced well and terribly, talked John Donne. One poet I know kills turkeys for money. Another has impeccable finances and a mythic mother. In my worst days, I think fiction writers are merely diluted poets – heavily, and erroneously, diluted. Why do we need all these words, when a poet, with fewer, can say it better – or best?”

Stick around to read Zach Savich’s post, as well.  Among his insights:  “Poems break into song as days break into rain. What’s the difference between poetry and prose? Prose is the sidewalk, poetry is the rain.”