Spooky Stephen King Film Adaptations!

by Jessica on October 13, 2017

We’re coasting along towards Halloween so why not blog about the spookmaster himself, Stephen King! It’s kind of surprising just how many of his titles have been turned into movies. This is by no means an exhaustive list but dare we say these are the spooookiest of his adaptations?

Carrie White starts to use her telekinetic powers on her classmates after they humiliate her.
Moral of this story? Just be nice. Be nice to everyone, please.

The Shining

Creepy hotel, that maze at the end…goodness! 

About a rabid dog that goes haywire on a small town. Yup…totally cool. 


A car with a mind of its own. I mean it’s not that far from reality.
Watch who you’re buying from, friends! 

Children of the Corn

Right off the bat, this title? Not something I’m particularly fond of.
But then it’s a cult of small children that think everyone over 18 needs to be killed? Ugh…


No big, it’s just about a sweet little girl that can start fires with her mind. 

Pet Sematary
I can’t even with this one. 100% nightmare fuel. All of it. Done. 

Yeah, thanks for saving me from the car crash but I’m out. Ugh. Ankles. Seriously, just no. 

The Green Mile
1999Thanks Tom Hanks for being everything you are. 

1990 (Miniseries) 2017 (Feature Film)

So much in this one. Too much I’d say. A demon posing as a clown in small town America. Enough, okay?
I watched the mini series a few too many times as a child and am now resisting watching this new one.

Which of these keep you up at night?
Tell us in the comments!

— J