Still Thirsty

by Ruby on August 20, 2010

Last Friday’s Slake event was absolutely amazing. I’m still kind of having a hard time explaining how cool it was to be in a room filled to the brim with people who think print isn’t dead or dying, but rather vital, evolving, and downright important. Not only that, but every single person there was supporting a new venture, the kind of experiment that never seems to come along frequently enough literary in the literary world. Yay!

The stories ranged from the tragic to the surreal, and we even had some impromptu prop comedy by Jerry Stahl (sorry about our mic stand)! Hearing Jonothan Gold read from his piece on one of Zurbarán’s still lives (that’s it to the right) was certainly a highlight for me, however. I suspect it has to do with that art history major, although Gold’s incredible writing contributed as well. Still, though, every single author left me wanting more – I guess I’ll have to pick up a copy of Slake on my way home today. The horror.

I snapped some pictures of the event, so even those of you that weren’t there can share in the festive feeling!

The audience was totally enthralled the whole time, even after copious amounts of coffee and delicious macaroons from local bakery,  Europane.

Slake founders Laurie Ochoa and Joseph Donnelly, along with the first volume’s designer.

The illustrious panel. From left to right: Laurie Ochoa, Joe Donnelly, Erica Zora Wrightson, Michelle Huneven, Jervey Tervalon, Jonathan Gold, and Jerry Stahl

Michelle Huneven and Jervey Tervalon (two Vroman’s regulars!) signing for fans.

In case you missed any of our Slake series, here the links are again: Interview with Joe Donnelly, Excerpts, More Excerpts

If any readers made it to the event, what was your favorite reading? People that didn’t make it, what’s your favorite excerpt?