Super Tuesday!

by Patrick on February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday is like Thanksgiving if Thanksgiving only happened once every four years and involved voting instead of eating. So vote. I care not who you vote for or on what you base that decision (although if one more person says they’re voting for Mitt Romney because he “looks presidential” I’m going to flip out and move to Panama. What does this phrase mean? That he looks like a middle age white guy who looks good in a suit? So do hundreds of character actors. Sam Waterston looks presidential. William Hurt looks presidential. Fred Thompson looks…er, never mind. Look, I have no problem with you voting for Mitt Romney, but at least come up with a better reason than that). I voted this morning. It was fun, it was easy, and it felt like I did something good. It was a little like giving blood, only without the needle or the little cookie afterwards.

I realize this has little to do with books…OK, nothing to do with books. To redirect a bit, Stephen King (book-related enough for you?) believes the WGA strike has turned the elections into a reality show. Right, like the news networks weren’t going to do that anyway?