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Just Go Read This and Report Back

by Patrick on July 28, 2009

It’s been kind of quiet around here these past few days.  I apologize.  I was at jury duty, where I tore through Chris Anderson’s Free on my iPhone.  I am back now, and regular posting will resume soon.  In the meantime, do click over to the LA Times where David Ulin has accurately and succinctlysummarized […]

Ebooks, Reading and Privacy

by Patrick on July 21, 2009

As the market for ebooks expands rapidly (Barnes & Noble jumped into the fray yesterday with its long-rumored ebook store), so do the issues the change in format presents.  A few articles delve into these issues better than I could, so I’ve linked to them here: Farhad Manjoo looks at how Amazon can reach into […]

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Amazonfail & The Cost of Freedom

by Patrick on April 13, 2009

By now, you’ve probably heard all you care to hear about Amazon’s incredibly stupid decision to “de-list” books with adult content (and especially books with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender themes and subject matter).  You’ve read the excellent blog posts, the well-written letters to Jeff Bezos, followed along on Twitter and the retorts by independent […]