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It’s that time of the week again! I tend to read way more non-fiction than fiction. It’s not that I don’t like fiction, it just has to be a very specific type of fiction. I love non-fiction for the same reasons I love documentaries –  I always learn something new. At times it can be […]

The Like List

by Patrick on April 15, 2009

It feels like a down sort of afternoon, so I thought I’d try to counteract that by talking about some things I like right now.  The list is very incomplete, but it’s a start: Tim Wakefield took a no-hitter into the 8th inning tonight.  This wouldn’t matter much to me — I tend to think […]


The Best Book Ever Written About Baseball

by Patrick on April 7, 2009

Baseball season is upon us.  Opening Day was yesterday, but as the Red Sox got rained out, I’m celebrating today instead.  There are no dearth of great books about baseball.  Whether it be statistical analysis, in-depth player profiles, legendary essays or famous novels, baseball has its share of literary history.  Which is why I make […]