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Emily St. John Mandel

Guest Post: Noir! Part 1

by Ruby on May 4, 2010

What inspires an author to write a certain type of fiction? Emily St. John Mandel (one of Patrick’s favorite authors with a podcast to prove it, and author of Last Night in Montreal) is back at Vroman’s this Thursday, May 6th, with her new book, The Singer’s Gun. The LA Times gave it an excellent […]


A Trip Around the Web

by Patrick on February 16, 2010

It’s Mardi Gras.  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, one of the most melancholy days of the year, the day that we’re supposed to begin to deny ourselves something we love, or do something difficult but good.  I just spent a few minutes thinking of something to give up or something to do.  I came up empty.  […]

June Gloom

by Patrick on June 10, 2009

Mother Nature wasn’t messing around this year.  Have you seen it outside?  Gloomy as all get up.  But you know what? I kind of like it.  It sort of feels like I’m living somewhere romantic and literary.  Like Newark. Here are just a few of the great links to cheer up your gloomy Wednesday afternoon: […]


Vroman’s Podcast 8: Emily St. John Mandel

by Patrick on June 9, 2009

For a serious reader, there’s nothing more thrilling than finding a new author whose work you love.  Sometimes you realize it on the first page.  Maybe there’s a phrase that jumps up and makes you recognize that, yes, this book is going to be something special.  Emily St. John Mandel is my favorite new author.  […]


Gift-Giving, Love of Books and More

by Patrick on June 2, 2009

There are a couple of really great things on the internet this fair Tuesday.  I wish I could link to them all, but you know, I’m not Google. Edan has written a really lovely post at The Millions about giving books as gifts, reading in public and how both of these things might change in […]

The Week Begins Anew

by Patrick on May 11, 2009

Does anyone have a good system for reading the internet that doesn’t turn it into a big, imposing hassle come Monday morning?  Every week (and sometimes every morning), my RSS feeds number in the thousands.  I’ve started re-evaluating whether I need to read all of those blogs in RSS or whether I would more enjoy […]

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