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Guest Post: Noir! Part 1

by Ruby on May 4, 2010

What inspires an author to write a certain type of fiction? Emily St. John Mandel (one of Patrick’s favorite authors with a podcast to prove it, and author of Last Night in Montreal) is back at Vroman’s this Thursday, May 6th, with her new book, The Singer’s Gun. The LA Times gave it an excellent […]


Guest Post: Paria Kooklan on Iran Overload

by Patrick on October 28, 2009

Paria Kooklan writes the incredibly hilarious blog Stuck in the Safety Net.  As you will soon learn, she’s at work on a novel.  She was good enough to tend the shop while I was away: I recently started working on a novel about an Iranian-American family living in Southern California. Come to think of it, […]

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Glen David Gold is the author of Carter Beats the Devil, which was a national bestseller and received praise from the likes of Michael Chabon, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly (“Simply amazing.  Please, an encore…A”) and Jonathan Franzen.  His new book is called Sunnyside.  (Click here to buy it!)  He will be appearing at […]