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LA Times Festival of Books

Visit Us at the LA Times Festival of Books!

by Jessica on April 16, 2015

All stores under the Vroman’s Umbrella will be represented at this weekend’s Festivities!! Check out some of the Merch we’ll have below. Then stop by, say hi, give us a high-five – we’d love to see you and chat with you! To find out more about the Festival, which authors will be there and when […]

Wilco (The Blog Post)

by Patrick on April 30, 2009

Did you hear that Wilco’s new album is going to be called “Wilco (The Album),” and that it contains the song “Wilco (The Song)?”  No?  Well, now you have.  On to the links: Via Boing Boing comes this excellent collection of book jackets for fake novelizations of movies.  [EDIT!  Gillian has pointed out that she […]


Lessons from the LA Times Festival of Books

by Patrick on April 28, 2009

After a gorgeous day off yesterday (What did I do?  I went to a bookstore.  The day after the Festival of Books.  On my day off from my bookstore job.  I’m a dork, I know), I’ve had some time to process the Festival of Books and I think these were the take-away lessons for this […]


LA Times Festival of Books Recap

by Patrick on April 27, 2009

I’m taking a much needed personal day today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with some thoughts on the Festival of Books (and for those who saw my panel, I’ll probably try to expand and unpack some of what we touched on there, as well).  There was so much great book talk and so many interesting […]

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Monday Round-Up

by Patrick on April 20, 2009

It’s a busy day in the book world, and not just because the Pulitzer Prize is announced today.  Here’s a few things to keep track of: The publishing industry is safe for another year:  Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, will be released in September.  According to “sources,” the book is about the end […]

People in New York like to talk a lot of trash about their literary culture.  They take special joy in ridiculing the vapid, shallow movie-based culture of Los Angeles (So much so that we even made a t-shirt in rebuttal).  Sure many of the major publishing houses are located in New York, and yes, lots […]