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Malcolm Gladwell

How Can a Bookstore Use Free?

by Patrick on August 4, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the past few days in the service of the County of Los Angeles, making $15 a day sitting in overly-air-conditioned rooms and waiting to be called as a juror.  The first day of jury duty, I got a lot of reading done, and what I read was Chris Anderson’s […]


5 for Friday: Five things to do this weekend

by Patrick on July 17, 2009

I’m very busy this weekend, seeing a friend’s play, hosting an event, having lunch with the great literary minds of my generation…you know, the usual stuff.  But since you’re not doing anything, I’ve got a few suggestions: Come to Vroman’s!  Duh.  But seriously, we have some tremendous events set up, including a really big, elaborate […]

Some Light Reading for Thursday

by Patrick on May 14, 2009

Later on today, I’ll be posting the latest in our fabulous video series, so that’s something to look forward to, right?  In the meantime, check out these excellent articles: At the Millions, Edan interviews Joe Meno, author of the tremendous new novel The Great Perhaps:  “After I finished the first draft, I realized the book […]