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I Saw the Sun Briefly

by Patrick on January 26, 2010

It’s going to rain again.  This is big news around here.  Two weeks of rain?  It’s like we live in Seattle all of a sudden, except that we don’t have an NFL team and we have two NBA teams.  So, not much like Seattle, actually.  Anyway, here are a few bookish links to get you […]

On NPR’s website, Booker Prize winner Aravind Adiga recommends the NYRB Classic To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson.  It’s an excellent recommendation for a book I’d been intrigued by but that I also found a bit intimidating.  Apparently, I wasn’t alone:   “The book, which was published in 1940, is called a classic and is […]


Why I Read What I Read

by Patrick on October 9, 2009

Last week, I posted my list of favorite books of the last ten years.  On Facebook, where this blog is syndicated, one reader commented that she hadn’t heard of the books on my list (other than The Corrections) but that she couldn’t understand why someone would want to read a book that reflected their own […]


What Do You Do With Your Books?

by Patrick on June 8, 2009

If the blog has been a little bit light lately, it’s because we’ve been working on our new newsletter, The Essential.  That project should debut in a few days, at which point, I vow to post some really, really good stuff here on the blog.  In the meantime, this blog post at the Avery Anthology […]


Yesterday, The Elegant Variation linked to this list of the Top 100 novels in the English language compiled by Dick Meyer on the NPR site.  He freely admits that his “taste is probably medium-brow, male and parochial in many ways. Tough. It’s my list.”  I can respect that, though I think his list could use […]