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Richard Nash

Social Publishing & More Good Stuff

by Patrick on September 29, 2009

One of the most consistently thought provoking and informative blogs on the web is The Lone Gunman.  Some of you no doubt follow it after Jason Kottke gave it a plug a few months back.  For those who haven't taken the time to check it out, now would be a great time to start, as […]

Go Forth and Read These

by Patrick on September 14, 2009

Tomorrow will probably feature a write-up of my trip to New York, including a few bookstore visits I made, but as I get caught up on work today, please consider enjoying these fine websites: Jim Carroll, poet, musician and point guard, has passed away.  I won’t go on and on about him, but his book […]

Follow BEA Online

by Patrick on May 28, 2009

I know that many readers of this blog don’t work in publishing or the book industry, but I thought they still might like a glimpse at what’s happening at this year’s BEA.  Reports are that it’s smaller in attendance than 2007 but up from last year’s showing.  Publishers, however, are not as well represented, with […]

Lessons from the LA Times Festival of Books

by Patrick on April 28, 2009

After a gorgeous day off yesterday (What did I do?  I went to a bookstore.  The day after the Festival of Books.  On my day off from my bookstore job.  I’m a dork, I know), I’ve had some time to process the Festival of Books and I think these were the take-away lessons for this […]


The Festival of Books is This Weekend

by Patrick on April 23, 2009

As you may have heard, the LA Times Festival of Books is this weekend at UCLA.  Vroman’s will have a booth (Booth 367, in Dixon Plaza, near Royce Hall), and we have a great lineup of authors scheduled to sign at our booth. Additionally, I will be appearing on a panel called Publishing:  The Next […]