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The Doors of Perception

The Day Dystopia Morphed Into Psychedelia!

by Jessica on May 3, 2017

Written By Allene Symons The Day Dystopia Morphed Into Psychedelia Buzz about dystopia – the opposite of utopia – is in the air and trending online. Trending is all about being timely, like this morning’s headlines. Or, when old becomes new, like resurging reader interest in what happens when dreams of the good life become […]

Psychedelics Hit the Big 60!

by Jessica on March 9, 2016

By Allene Symons If you’ve ever sampled or wanted to sample psychedelics, then this flashback is for you. Sixty years ago, in March of 1956, the word psychedelic was coined during an intense exchange of letters between a famous author and a psychiatrist whose specialty was schizophrenia. I tell the full story in Aldous Huxley’s Hands: […]