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HarperStudio Lands Gary Vaynerchuk

by Patrick on April 2, 2009

HarperStudio, the little big guy that could, has signed a 10-book, seven figure deal with Gary Vaynerchuk.  Writing in the Wall Street Journal online, Sara Nelson reports: To hear HarperStudio tell it, this is a very important deal, one of the biggest it has made so far, even considering the imprint’s relatively low advance-higher royalty […]


This and That, Here and There

by Patrick on March 25, 2009

Today is a bastard of a day.  Wednesday’s nearly always are.  Thankfully, there are links to distract us: Am I the only one who doesn’t follow any famous people on Twitter?  Now, if Shaquile O’Neal talked about bookselling and book covers all day long, then maybe he’d be worth a follow.  Anwyay, here’s the LA […]

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