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Links in the New Year

by Patrick on January 5, 2010

Suddenly, everybody is back online.  It’s like everyone is shaking the snow off their roofs (huh?).  Whatever.  I mean to say that people are blogging and tweeting again like crazy after the holiday slumber.  Here are a few choice links to kick off your January in style: Always one of the best posts of the […]


Social Reading: The Future?

by Patrick on July 13, 2009

For those who missed it last week, Sarah Dunant, author of the international bestsellers The Birth of Venus and In the Company of the Courtesan, has made the first few chapters of her new novel Sacred Hearts available at the website Book Glutton.  In and of itself, this is no big deal; many authors are […]


Vroman’s Podcast 7: Alice Hoffman

by Patrick on June 1, 2009

It is that time of the year again:  Podcasting season.  This time, we’re interviewing Alice Hoffman, bestselling author of twenty novels, including The Third Angel, The Ice Queen, Practical Magic, Aquamarine and The River King.  Her new book is The Story Sisters, the tale of three sisters growing up on Long Island.  It’s a book […]

Glen David Gold is the author of Carter Beats the Devil, which was a national bestseller and received praise from the likes of Michael Chabon, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly (“Simply amazing.  Please, an encore…A”) and Jonathan Franzen.  His new book is called Sunnyside.  (Click here to buy it!)  He will be appearing at […]


I’m Making My Lunch!

by Patrick on May 18, 2009

I don’t write up every upcoming event because, well, we host them every night (and sometimes in the afternoon), and this blog would quickly become nothing but event write-ups.  But I’m particularly excited about tomorrow night’s event with Barry Gifford, so here we are.  Gifford will be presenting The Imagination of the Heart, the last […]

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The Week Begins Anew

by Patrick on May 11, 2009

Does anyone have a good system for reading the internet that doesn’t turn it into a big, imposing hassle come Monday morning?  Every week (and sometimes every morning), my RSS feeds number in the thousands.  I’ve started re-evaluating whether I need to read all of those blogs in RSS or whether I would more enjoy […]

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by Patrick on April 23, 2009

The title of this post says it all.  These are my thoughts, or in some instances, the thoughts of others that I have appropriated and reproduced here for your enjoyment (This being the internet and all): Dan Brown’s new book, which I mentioned in a previous post, will be about the end of the Mayan […]