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Buy Indie Day

by Patrick on May 1, 2009

In addition to being May Day, a holiday not celebrated much in America, today is Buy Indie Day.  The idea of Buy Indie Day is simple:  go out and support your local independent business; not just bookstores, but also record stores, gift shops, bike shops, comic shops, restaurants and coffee shops. As a reader of […]


Wilco (The Blog Post)

by Patrick on April 30, 2009

Did you hear that Wilco’s new album is going to be called “Wilco (The Album),” and that it contains the song “Wilco (The Song)?”  No?  Well, now you have.  On to the links: Via Boing Boing comes this excellent collection of book jackets for fake novelizations of movies.  [EDIT!  Gillian has pointed out that she […]