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Young Readers League

Young Readers League Story Contest Winners!

by Vroman's on November 20, 2017

This year our Young Readers League picked The Key To Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd! In the spirit on this book, kids aged 8-14 were invited to enter a writing contest. In 300 words of less, they were to write a ghost story. The guidelines were the word count (at 300) and must be an original […]

Young Readers League Finale Recap (in photos!)

by Vroman's on January 16, 2015

Now that we’re coming down off the high of the Finale of our Young Readers League 2014-2015 Program here is a recap of the evening…in  photos! Cece and her mom having a little pre-show fun in the photobooth! Cece talking about the Phonic Ear she wore in school growing up. Listening attentively. Q & A […]

Welcome to Pasadena Cece Bell!!

by Vroman's on January 11, 2015

Our Young Readers League author, Cece Bell arrived in Los Angeles yesterday!! We can hardly contain ourselves! After months of planning, prepping and El Deafo themed events we are approaching our-2014-2015 Young Readers League Finale! If you were living under some rocks or without the internet for the last few months (just kidding…) here’s a […]

Young Readers League is back!

by Vroman's on August 26, 2014

Thanks to a generous grant from indie bookstore champion and best-selling author James Patterson, we’re happy to announce a new Young Reader’s League program and selection! This exciting program, in the spirit of One City, One Story programs was designed as a school-wide community reading extravaganza. Two years ago our first Young Readers League selection […]

What's YOUR Savvy?

by Rachel on November 9, 2012

This fall marked the beginning of something wonderful- the Young Readers’ League!  A community-based program sponsored by Vroman’s that encourages and fosters a love of reading, the Young Readers’ League committee (comprised of educators, parents, booksellers and students) read and voted on the first selection: Savvy by Ingrid Law. Savvy by Ingrid Law (Grades 3-7) […]