Teacher of the Year Nomination – David Silah

by Jessica on May 17, 2016

Colleague, Matthew Woodin nominated David Silah of Arcadia High School

I would like to nominate my Colleague, David Silah, Math teacher at Arcadia High School for Teacher of the Year consideration.

The teaching of mathematics to high school students in today’s Facebook, Youtube culture of me-first instant gratification is Herculean at best. However, David Silah has been making math meaningful to students for decades at Arcadia High School as well as his students in LAUSD prior. His Thoreau-like approach to learning enables him to share difficult formulas and broaden student understanding by demonstrating Math’s applications to logic, reason and, more importantly, life.

While many teachers have begun relying more on technology to “hold student attention” Dave has shunned it in favor of embracing his more than 40 feet of board space, which allows him to meticulously demonstrate work, answer student questions and reveal Math’s metaphors. From the beginning of each class period to the end, he is thoughtfully demonstrating not only his passion for math but ensuring students leave his room with a clear understanding of the material.

I have now been a colleague of David’s for 9 years and while he teaches Math and I English, we still have found time to collaborate and discuss our love of reading. David is a proponent of Dickinson’s poetry and a former John Muir Trail hiker who embodies an Abbey-like knowledge of our local mountains and beyond. Furthermore, he and I have shared many students and, without fail, they can not help but express their gratitude to “Mr Silah” for making Math a class a place of knowledge, discussion and passion.