Teacher of the Year Nomination – Mr. Anthony Dima

by Jessica on May 12, 2016

Parent, Helen Fung, nominated Mr. Anthony Dima of Dana Middle School in Arcadia.

I would like to nominate Mr. Anthony Dima, an English and History teacher from Dana Middle School in Arcadia. He is one of those rare teachers who REALLY care about his students. The reason the students are so connected to him is because he teaches in a way that brings out the best of each student. He does not care if you are a stellar student or an average student. He respects every student for who they are and the way they learn. He jokes with the kids and makes a boring subject come to life.

In addition to being a great teacher, Mr. Dima is willing to be involved in his student activities. He will challenge the kids in soccer and ping pong. He advises his students who are running for Student Council on how to present their speeches. He always says, “Be yourself. Don’t be something you are not.” Mr. Dima was asked to be Santa Claus for the Holiday Concert in which he gladly accepted. The kids and parents just loved it. He played the part so well that it made the concert so much more memorable. Last year, Mr. Dima had a child. He worked until the last minute before he had to go on leave and returned as soon as he could. I asked him why and he said, “I could not leave my students for too long.” There are many students who want to be the Teacher Assistant for his class and take it as an elective, because he is such a cool teacher.

As a parent, I have consulted with him. I have a son who was in his class and sometimes drives me crazy. Mr prix du viagra au luxembourg. Dima response would be, “It’s okay. He is a boy. He will be fine. I know because I once was a boy.” I take this to heart and try to remember this when things are crazy.

In conclusion, Mr. Dima is the teacher that will always remember long after you leave the school because he believed the best in every student. He is very passionate about being a teacher. This is a sign of a TRUE teacher.