Teacher of the Year Nomination – Mrs. Kylie Ko

by Jessica on May 21, 2016

Student, Hannah nominated Mrs. Kylie Ko of Mark Keppel School in Glendale

My teacher, Mrs. Kylie Ko is my favorite teacher. This is because she makes our learning fun, and she goes beyond her duty to explain everything to us. She makes our learning fun by making musical and music videos about what we learn. Also, if we need help she will explain it to us.

I am in the dual language program and Mrs. Ko is my korean teacher.
We have made musicals about ecosystems and the pioneers and the Gold Rush. We all get our own part in a group. We have also made music video’s about California’s geography and are making one about earth’s formations. First, My class help make the musical and when we finish with writing it we film our different parts. After we are done with the filming, she edits and makes it look really interesting and realistic. Then, she posts the trailer on our homework website so we can look at it. Then at something special like a party or event she will show us the whole thing and how it came out. We have to make our own costumes that she checks and says if we can use it or not.

She will also make stuff we learn into songs. Every week we learn a new song that she teaches us. Mrs. Ko has taught us many things, most of them fun activities. We learn about wise sayings from Korea and familiar idioms. We also do regular everyday stuff like math, science, and social studies. I look forward to starting a new day everyday in her classroom.

Mrs. Ko is also a good teacher because she helps us with our work and does not make us do everything ourselves. She has us take notes so we can study at the end of the week for a test unlike some teachers that make you just stick it in your brain and try to remember it. We use the definitions and make them into like a chant when we are speaking. She also makes movements to go with the definition. Like, if we are learning perimeter she will make a movement like going around a square because a perimeter is the outside measurements of shapes.

Mrs. Ko is leaving this Thursday Mar. 10 because she is having a baby and won’t be back till May. My class will miss her very much. She was a great teacher and will remain with us in our hearts and minds.