Teacher of the Year Nomination – Mrs. Strehl

by Jessica on May 16, 2016


Parent, Catherine Caldwell-Harris, nominated Mrs. Strehl
of McKinley School in Pasadena le viagra au maroc

I first realized Mrs. Strehl was special because of the immediate strong response of my son.  I then paid attention to what she was doing in the classroom.

An example of Mrs. Strehl’s energy is  how she makes wonderful use of parent volunteers to reduce the time she spends as a single adult in front of 25 children. She took the time to create an email list, and recruited a parent volunteer to be the room parent (in charge of emails).

We all know that “centers” are terrific tools for learning, but you’d need teachers’ aids for these.  Mrs. Strehl uses one parent-volunteer per day  to create centers. She really implements “developmentally appropriate” practices.

Recently Mrs. Strehl arranged to incubate 14 chick eggs in class. When one was born, it became the class pet. Each weekend, parents sign up to take the chick home.  We got to have the chick at our home this last weekend — what a learning experience!

Here are some anecdotes about my son’s response.

The second day of school when picking up Elias from the after school program we saw Mrs. Strehl crossing the street to the parking lot. Elias saw her, and he insisted that I let him run over to her to give her a hug. Very cute.

In early September our family began discussing a weekend beach trip, which Elias dearly wanted.

Mommy:  “Let’s leave Friday morning to make the most of the weekend;
the children can miss one day of school.

Elias:  “No.  We can go Friday after school.
I don’t want to miss school. 
Mrs. Strehl said don’t miss school.


Elias frequently says he wants to share this or that accomplishment or found object or drawing with Mrs. Strehl. I sometimes invoke Mrs. Strehl when I want Elias to inwardly channel the voice of a respected authority. An example of this is when Elias found a $20 bill in our house and began arguing about why he should be allowed to keep it even while his parents wanted the bill safely back in an adult wallet.

Elias:  “I want to take it to school for my sharing day.”

Mommy: “Why don’t we first ask Mrs. Strehl if that would be an acceptable sharing object.
[Elias quickly dropped that particular line of attack.]

Another example.

Elias riffed: “I wish I was Grand Dad!

Mommy [taking up the game]: “I wish I were Mrs. Strehl.

Elias: “Then you would have to work all day.
She even works in the 
afterschool program now.

[Makes me wonder – how does he know?  I infer he pays close attention to things she says.]

In sum:  I am so happy that Mrs. Strehl is Elias’ teacher.  She is helping to make a curious and intellectually-oriented  little boy a fan of school.