Teacher of the Year Nomination – Ms. Julie Shapiro

by Jessica on May 15, 2016

Student Abigail nominated Ms. Julie Shapiro of Weizmann Day School

The Best Teacher in the Whole World!

My teacher this year in third grade is Ms. Shapiro. She is the most amazing teacher and I was
lucky enough to have her when I was in Kindergarten also. Ms. Shapiro is one of those special
teachers who really love to teach kids and makes learning exciting and fun for us!
Last year, I was struggling in school. It was hard and I didn’t think I could do the work – I
didn’t have confidence in myself. This year, Ms. Shapiro has worked so hard to make me believe
in myself and to feel comfortable asking for help when I need it. This has allowed me to learn
and catch up and feel great about myself. She really makes me love going to school and learning
every day. My mother always says that Ms. Shapiro is one of those people who was born to be a
teacher – and I agree! She has made my third grade year my best one yet.

Ms. Shapiro is so nice but we also have to follow the rules in her classroom. No one really
minds doing this because we all want her to be proud of us. She understands when we need a
break and works with each kid so that they can do their own work the way that is best for them.
Another great thing is that we get to do really fun projects. We just did a Pop Bottle
Biography project. We each had to chose a famous person and read a biography about them. We
then had to fill out a book report about the person. However, the thing that made this really
special is that we got to decorate a big bottle to look like the famous person! Mine was on
Elizabeth Blackwell and we made her wear blue clothes with a white coat, a stethoscope, and she
had other doctor stuff glued onto her. We presented our reports and bottles to other classes and
they are now up on display in our classroom – it looks so cool! This is one way that Ms. Shapiro
makes learning fun.

I want to nominate Ms. Shapiro for Vroman’s Bookstore Teacher of the Year because she is
the most special teacher. She is nice, kind, smart, and caring. She has made me feel good about
school again and to love learning again – all while making it so much fun!