Teacher of the Year Nomination – Teacher Terry Doub

by Jessica on May 9, 2016

Fifth Grade student, Amelia, nominated her teacher Terry Doub of Aveson School of Leaders in Altadena. Here is her nomination on why Terry is such an incredible teacher! 

Ms. Terry is a teacher like no other.

She sacrifices her time every 180 days of the school year. She is other family, our guide, preparing us for the future. She donates her knowledge and love to help us. No matter what we do, she reminds us we are the reason she comes to teach.

She taught my class to be kind, and to always follow our dreams. Every mistake we make,  she helps us correct it, together achat viagra pilule. Everything we do right, we improve it, together. She’s not just there to provide knowledge. She lets us fall, then helps us back on our feet. She spreads kindness.

Ms.Terry started a book club after school, and introduced great books that helped me become a better reader. She got me interested in books I would have never read otherwise. She used her personal time to discuss books with us. She made us tea on cold days and gave us small ice packs on incredibly hot days.

 Ms. Terry teaches us more than just English.
She teaches us to be a better person.