by Patrick on March 27, 2009

T.G.I.F.  It’s a horrible cliche, the kind of thing that some marketing jackass invented and then injected into society like a virus.  For awhile, it was used to push family friendly programming on ABC.  For many of us, the phrase conjures horrifying images of Dave Coulier or that guy in the office who sends chain emails.  But after the week I’ve had, the term, in all its loathsome and hackneyed splendor, applies.  On to the links:

  • And finally, click over to Mediabistro to check out this video shot at the recent Granta party at Idlewild Books in NYC.  It’s not often that I wish I lived in New York (I mean, my neighborhood smells like jasmine, and I frequently complain that it’s “too sunny” outside, so…) but this is one of those times, because I maybe could’ve gone to that party.  Anyway, the video features several people talking about 2666, and I think all of them have really great thoughts on it.  For more on this fabulous party, check out the Granta website, where they have photos of  literary types like Joshua Ferris and Sloane Crosley and Maud Newton.

Here’s to never having another week like this again!