Thank YOU to our customers from Allison Hill!

by Jessica on December 23, 2016

Our job here at Vroman’s for the past 6 weeks has been to make the holidays a little brighter for our customers. From Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve we each log about 5 miles a day walking the sales floor and some days we each speak with up to 500 people as we help people find what they’re looking for, recommend books, and help them pick the perfect gift. The team here at the store is AMAZING and I am never prouder of my staff than in these final weeks of the year when their passion, commitment, knowledge, humor, and hard work are on display and simply extraordinary. Right now though, I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have made our holiday season a little brighter.

The customer who sent a thank you card letting staff know how much she values Vroman’s and how much she appreciates all that we do. The customer who called and bought a gift card over the phone then asked that we spend it on our giving tree, choosing gifts for children at a local food bank for their holiday party. The customer who dropped off a bag of “fairy dust for the helpers” in the form of gift cards for staff to thank them for all that they do. Bestselling author James Patterson who awarded three Vroman’s employees holiday bonuses in appreciation for their hard work. Our publishing rep’s wife who baked treats for our booksellers.

The customers who took a moment to stop and thank me for the wonderful service my staff delivers, or took the time to call or email and mention an employee by name who they felt went above and beyond. The customers who told me that they know our free gift wrap costs the company a lot of money and that they appreciate so much that we still offer it. The customers who were kind and patient when something didn’t go according to plan despite our best intentions. And the customers, so many of you, who wished us “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or ”Happy New Year” or exclaimed, “This place is so special. Thank you for what you do.

You can never know how deep our gratitude is for all of you, and for everyone who makes Vroman’s part of their holiday tradition.

Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

Allison Hill is the CEO/President of Vroman’s Bookstore and Book Soup.

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