The Hacked! Flash Drive: It’s an Awesome Thing.

by Ruby on May 25, 2010

I post the It’s an Awesome Thing series whenever I run across something particularly awesome in the store. It may include books, gift items, stationery items, etc., but they will all tend towards the quirky, cool, and just plain strange. It could happen daily, monthly, or never again, but then again, we have so many incredible things I’m sure that finding stuff to feature won’t be the problem.

Today’s Awesome Thing comes to you straight from the wall behind the Vroman’s main registers. I was down there dropping off some fliers for the Antwone Fisher event (apparently if you wear a tie and attend the event, you can be entered to win a designer tie?!) and as I was leaving, I spotted what is, possibly, the best flash drive ever. Clocking in at a solid 2 gigabytes and compatible with both Windows and Mac machines, my first thought was about the pathetic failure that is my 256 megabyte-er from high school. However, merely beating my prehistoric technology in sheer storage space is not enough to push a flash drive over the line from average to super-awesome.

This one… well… take a look for yourself.


And a look at the little guy in action:


That’s right. It’s a flash drive that looks like a damaged USB cable. Probably not a great idea for those with cats (then again, it could entertain your cat for hours), perfect for people with rodents and other gnawing pets. Also excellent for dressing up a computer that is in otherwise good repair, or for making those missing keys look like the least of your problems. I want one.

If you want one, you can either come in to the store, or e-mail and ask for the Hacked 2 Gig UB Flash Drive. They’ll run you a cool $55.50 + tax, but then again, who can put a price on awesome?