The Summer of Love

by Cara on July 26, 2015

Article by Yvonne

It is the perfect time to soak up the sun and listen to some great music. Since it is July and the summer is still in full swing, I decided to make a post to celebrate.

Celebrate the Age of Aquarius and let the sunshine in with these Molly and Rex Smiling sun folders. The folder features a brightly shining sun, with rosy flowered cheeks, whose rays are alternating textile and floral patterns. This set comes with an assortment of sticky notes to help you stay organized with things to do, receipts, bills, banking, and more.

Brighten someone’s day with these vibrant saffron Vera Wang jeweled daisy fold-over notes and envelopes. The detailed pattern of the florets and rays of the daisies are subtly embossed. These come in a set of 10.

Also featured are the Asian Daisies Note card set from Iota. Splashed all over the front, are daisy patterns in bright, fun, contrasting colors. They are accompanied by curved-flap envelopes that come in two tones.

And don’t forget to write your notes with our Daisy pens, which are wrapped in soft velvet ribbon and come in an assortment of colors, such as sunshine yellow, fuchsia pink, and amethyst.

Re-experience The Beatles Revolution with the Beatles no. 1 singles box, which comes with 27 note cards and envelopes, one for each Beatles single. The note cards feature the name of the single and artwork from various albums is featured on the envelopes, which also includes a track list on the flap. Each set comes in a flip-open box.

Also featured is The Beatles 1964 pencil set, which includes 8 standard no. 2 pencils. Each pencil has the name of a popular Beatles song, including “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Twist and Shout.” On the back are images from ticket stubs for their concerts.

We carry the Yellow Submarine wrist watch from Acme Studios. The design was created at the request of Paul McCartney. It does not require batteries. Instead, it has a built in mechanism that you can wind. The watch is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. It has a soft silicone band and features a submarine being chased by a whale as the second hand.

Finally, show everyone your love of music with these turntable boxed notes from William Arthur, featuring an illustrated image of a turn table and music note in a speech bubble.