The Tournament of Books Begins & Other Links

by Patrick on March 9, 2009

The 2009 Tournament of Books is now underway at The Morning News.  To see my bracket and the others in the running, click over to my earlier post. Today, Brockman decides between 2666 and Steer Toward Rock.  Who won?  Well, click through to find out.

Book Fox has posted a two-part interview with Daniyal Mueenuddin, author of Other Rooms, Other Wonders.”  The interviews were filmed at Vroman’s.  Among the topics discussed:  how farming is an excellent profession for a writer; what other Pakistani authors deserve to be translated into English; whether Americans actually think about power.  And this might be my own prejudice, but I think if Mueenuddin were wearing leather pants and a “Ski Iraq” t-shirt he’d be the spitting image of Billy from Season Five of Six Feet Under.  Is it just me?

A collection of posts about the future of newspapers, which, to my mind at least, seem even more endangered than independent bookstores: David Carr in the New York Times on how newspapers can survive (in short — everybody should have to pay for content), Harper Studio on canceling a print subscription to the New York Times in favor of the e-version, and guest blogger Dan Gilmore at Boing Boing on why David Carr’s plan won’t work.  I’m not sure who I agree with on with this.  Read all three and report back here with a verdict, please.