Then We Came to the Links

by Patrick on November 23, 2009

It’s Monday, and I’m drinking coffee in the afternoon.  A lot is happening on the internet, and you need to know about all of it.  Here are a few of the choicest items:

  • If you aren’t already, you simply must — must! — visit The Diary of Suri Cruise: “Don’t tell me to button up my cardigan! I’ll button it up if I want to and if I get cold. Right now, I’m comfortable. No. No. No. No. No. No. Don’t come down here to do it. I can do it. Look! See! I can do it myself. I’m just going to button the top and bottom buttons to freak you out! Look at these unbutton buttons! Just flopping in the breeze………BLERGH! I’m just grumpy because they were out of the Apple Pie Milk Shake at lunch. I read about this amazing Apple Pie Milk Shake on Eater and I’ve been looking forward to it for months and they ran out! How do you run out! And how do you say no to a small child when she says it’s her birthday!? No, I do not want to go to Jack In The Box for a milkshake. I just need a nap and an apple pie in milkshake form. Mostly, a nap.” Oh, but it’s so much funnier with the images.  Good times.
  • This has been around the web for a bit now, but I’ve just read it:  Zach Braff responsible for the sorry state of…well, everything. Seriously, though, the author of this piece makes the argument that Garden State brought to dominance a strain of indie folk rock that is largely acoustic and kind of dull.  I’m not entirely sure I agree with that argument (I’m more inclined to agree with the commenter who pointed to the VW “Pink Moon” commercial as the beginning of all that), but it’s kind of a fun read.  What do you think?
  • Dear Caulfields is a website that has compiled all of the uncollected work of J.D. Salinger, including the elusive “Hapworth 16, 1924.” When I was a younger man, I was obsessed with finding that book and reading it.  I never did.  Now, it’s been such a long time since i last read Salinger, I don’t think I’d even remember the character names.  It’d be like visiting  a country I lived in as a little boy.  Anyway, if you’re the sort who wants to read more Salinger, get there quickly before his lawyers shut the site down.  (via More Blog About Buildings and Food)