Three Great Links for Fans of Book Design

by Patrick on November 10, 2009

The internet is all about book jackets today, and why shouldn’t it be.  It’s November now, and the weather is turning cool.  Books need their jackets, and so do you.  Of course, it’s low-80s outside in Pasadena, so…On to the links!

  • The Second Pass links to an upcoming show at the UCB Theater in New York called “You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover.”  The show, put on by comedian Patrick Borelli, will critique the 30 worst book covers of all time.  It sounds like fun.  As a bonus, Borelli made a short video featuring three designers discussing their craft and looking at a few jackets.  It’s good viewing, if for no other reason than to hear Chip Kidd talk.  He’s very funny.
  • The Casual Optimist talks with legendary designer David Pearson.  Pearson has been designing books about Penguin’s design history for quite some time now.  Click through to see some downright pornographic shots of book covers as well as the gasp-inducing Penguin archive.