Thursday Links: Now Performance-Enhanced

by Patrick on May 7, 2009

With pure Columbian coffee, Juan Valdez-style.  Here are a few links.  Tomorrow, perhaps, I’ll have some original thoughts to share:

  • The Onion dissects the new textbook Kindle DX:  “Not for me. Nothing beats the feeling of learning off paper.”
  • Is the Espresso Book Machine the future of print?  The machine can print any of the half-million titles in its inventory in about five minutes.  If it worked and if the cost were right (and I haven’t seen one yet, so I can’t say), this would solve many of the problems currently facing the publishing industry and independent bookstores:  fewer returns, an inventory every bit as comprehensive as an online retailer, ability to customize books and self-publish, and still have that book smell that everybody’s crazy about.  (Link via the excellent blog if:book.)