Vroman’s Bookstore is 115 Years Old

by Patrick on November 14, 2009

Today is the 115 birthday of Vroman’s Bookstore.  The store was founded by A.C. Vroman on November 14, 1894.  While we’ve moved locations once, we have been continuously operated and independently owned ever since.  I don’t think I have to tell anyone what an accomplishment that is.  It’s a testament to the incredible community here in Southern California, a place that is as passionate about books as anywhere in the world.

For a little perspective, think about all of the things that didn’t even exist when Vroman’s was founded.

  • In 1894, “new media” would have meant radio, which was just being demonstrated for the first time a few months earlier.
  • The Ford Model T was still twenty years away.
  • The new and noteworthy table at the store would’ve had stacks of The Jungle Book, Pudd’nhead Wilson, and Das Kapital (Glenn Beck would’ve had a fit).

We wouldn’t be celebrating this birthday if it weren’t for our valued customers.  You’re all truly part of the Vroman’s story, and we humbly thank you for the years of support.  Here’s hoping some blogger gets to write a post like this (using the computer he had embedded in his cerebral cortex at birth, no doubt) in honor of the 230th birthday of the store.