Vroman’s Favorites

by Ruby on October 12, 2010

Sometimes, an author stands out as to bookstore staff as not just an incredible writer, but an incredible person. Our President, Allison, had a few words to say about one of them: Michael Cunningham, who signed his new book at the store yesterday night. But I’ll let her speak for herself:

Michael Cunningham

I love my job: Last night I met Michael Cunningham. He did a reading and book signing at Vroman’s for his new book, By Nightfall (Check out the rave review in the NYT). We are his (original) hometown bookstore; he started coming to Vroman’s when he was 10 years old. I have been a fan of Cunningham’s from the very beginning of his career, and his Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Hours, is one of my all time favorites; the writing is so beautiful that I memorized whole passages so that I could always have it with me. I will admit that I regressed to my 16 year old “fan” self when introduced to him last night. My colleague, Connie, said, “I’ve never seen Allison gush before.” And she’s right, I (uncharacteristically) gushed, and rather inarticulately, too, but there were no words for what Cunningham’s writing has meant to me personally and as a bookseller.

We’ve had quite a few really exceptional events lately, not to mention the ones coming up; you don’t have to have read an author’s work or even know their name to come listen to them talk about their book. Nearly all of our events are free (no book purchase required), and we have something going on almost every night. Check out the rest of the schedule for October, and stay tuned for November/December; see if there’s an author you know, or a subject that interests you, and come on down!