Vroman’s History Talk!

by Jessica on November 11, 2014

First of all, from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!
All of you! Those close by and those far away.
We wouldn’t be here without all of you and we sure won’t make it another 120 years without the support you all give us.
To everyone that has been wishing us well on social media we love the sentiments!

I wanted to take some time to recap the wonderful events we had last week.
For the people that couldn’t make it and for the people that just want to see it all again.

Pasadena Weekly did a great piece on the Anniversary Events! You can check it out here.

Our first event was a week ago today!

November 4
Vroman’s History Talk 

This was our Anniversary Kick-off Event! Chair, Joel Sheldon & President, Allison Hill
gave the most interesting History Talk!
We had a great crowd of customers, friends and staff turn out to help us start what would become an incredible week!

Joel Sheldon & Allison Hill after their wonderful presentation!

A few of the Vroman’s ladies at the History Talk! (L to R: Dolores, Connie, Alie and BJ)