Vroman’s Podcast 5: Aravind Adiga

by Patrick on September 19, 2008

Aravind Adiga is the author of The White Tiger, a gripping new novel about contemporary India. It has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, one of two debut novels to make the list this year. I’ve already made it clear that I’m pulling for him.

Mr. Adiga and I spoke over the phone a short while ago. He was in his apartment in Mumbai, and I was in my kitchen. It was early in the morning for me, which might explain why I inverted the name of a key character in the book. During our conversation, which runs about 21 minutes, we spoke about globalization, outsourcing, book sales, and how the United States is already dead to the rest of the world. You know, the usual stuff.

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