We’re Always Voting in Los Angeles

by Patrick on May 19, 2009

Seriously.  I get a sample ballot in the mail every three weeks.  I’m pretty sure this time around we were deciding whether or not to forgive Manny Ramirez.  How did I vote?  Well, the sanctity of the voting booth is a corner stone of American democracy…so mind your own business.  And also, check out these excellent links:

  • Bryan Gilmer, a writing teacher at UNC Chapel Hill, published his own hardboiled crime novel, Felonious Jazz, for the Kindle.  When he lowered the price to $1.99, his sales jumped.  He writes about the experience at The Millions.  Click through to the post to read my comments, as well.
  • The Guardian has a great post about whether bookstore shelf talkers actually sell books (They feature a great shelf talker for A Fan’s Notes (one of the best ‘loser fic’ books ever) from Green Apple Books in San Francisco).  I can say that, contrary to what the ridiculous commenters say, shelf talkers really do drive sales.  I remember when I was working at Book Soup in West Hollywood, and the owner of the store, Glenn Goldman (who was also the buyer) did a double take when looking at the sales for Lucky Jim.  “Is someone making a movie based on Lucky Jim?  We’ve sold a ton in the last two weeks.”  No movie, just my shelf talker.
  • Also from The Guardian (they were on a roll over there) comes this great post about “the most famous fictional character.” The post uses Sherlock Holmes as a jumping off point.  The blogger then goes on to suggest some alternatives, including Don Quixote, Odysseus, Harry Potter, Hamlet, and James Bond.  Interestingly, when I put the question to my coworker, she immediately said “Sherlock Holmes.”  Who do you think is the most famous fictional character?